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- Authored by Merih Taze, Senior Software Engineering Lead at Facebook (Previously Microsoft and Snapchat)

There are a lot of amazing technical books out there. But what about your life as an engineer? How you interact with others? How happy are you with your career?

  • Are you tired of the need to put on a fake confidence show?
  • Are you having a hard time convincing others?
  • Are you interested in getting promoted?
  • Are you overworked and can't find a way to get the help you need?
  • Are you scared of the feedback from your peers?
  • Do you find yourself in conflicts with no solution in sight?
  • Want to learn the secrets of having your manager work for you?
  • Interested in building a career you'll be proud to talk about?

If you've been feeling alone in your journey and keep wishing you had a friend or a mentor you could get some advice about non-technical aspects, look no further!

Inside, you will find the summary of advice, tactics, and tricks learned the hard way through many years of working on mission-critical components, complex system designs supporting billions of users, and working with thousands of the most brilliant engineers around the world.

Have a survival guide for most situations you'll be facing throughout your career as an engineer and learn how to play for the long game.

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Editorial Reviews

- Fabio Vazquez

Principal Software Engineer @Microsoft

- Direct, clear and entertaining, this book is packed with practical advice on how to navigate the various situations we all encounter throughout our careers as software engineers. Merih does a great job in providing candid and actionable advice while sharing his rich journey in many important tech companies. Whether you want to optimize your outcomes, reflect on specific situations or just extract nuggets of information, this is a great read.

- Ibrahim Abdul Rahim

Senior Engineering Manager @ Salesforce, Previously Microsoft

- Being in a tech company, whether new or seasoned, can feel lonely. School doesn't prepare you for how to influence smart technical people, manage your career, or operate complex systems. Merih has been extremely honest and generous in sharing his journey, his own imposter syndrome, his own wins and losses, making the lonely journey in tech more bearable and even enjoyable. Through numerous real examples, get some insight into how the system works, without having to figure it out on your own.


- Merih Taze is currently Senior Software Engineering Lead at Facebook (Previously Microsoft and Snapchat).

He has extensive knowledge on mission critical, low latency, distributed system design. Just to name a few projects he has worked on:

  • Content Delivery Network of Microsoft
  • Microsoft Office Online Co-Authoring
  • Story Posting for Snapchat
  • Facebook Advertising

He strongly believes in communication and soft skills which are sometimes undervalued but critical to success. In his book Engineers' Survival Guide, he focuses on real life problems and how to excel in your career while working with other engineers.

Feel free to leave him a message on:

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- You don't have to be an engineer to benefit from the advice in these pages. Anyone working for a large or small corporation can find something useful in this book, like:
* Dealing with managers
* Work evaluations
* All hands meetings
* How to take good risks at work that pay off later

If you're an engineer or about to become one. This is required reading.

Corporate environments suck, but if you understand the game and navigate it well, you can thrive, make your money and be happy.

- Leah

- This is a great book for someone like me who is starting their tech career. It sets you off in the right path on how to handle different situations that we'll face at internship, junior and senior level.

- Pablo Hurtado Curbelo

- I was amazed by the amount of insights and really liked the fact that the author has shared real experiences from his life. It's not common to be able to see the world from another engineer's perspective and this book has all the things the author learned from so you can avoid the same mistakes. There are a ton of technical books out there, but not so many for people skills and this book explains a lot of topics really beneficial to most engineers. Strongly recommended!

- Vasyl Pihur

- This is a great book about how to survive and thrive in the world of software engineering. But it's not just for tech types - the interpersonal techniques and work/life advice are great for anyone and are written in a very readable, relatable, and humble style. The author brings a great deal of humanity and wisdom and a little humor into the story of his very impressive career. It's a pleasure to read.

- Kasi Alexander

- There are a lot of books about how to improve yourself technically. I loved the fact that this book focuses on really important non-technical skills that are hard to learn and a must to be successful. Definitely a must read for engineers at all stages of their career

- Mahmut

- Working in the tech industry is one of the latest popular and cool trends nowadays. Although passing interviews to land a job is challenging, a bigger challenge awaits candidates like dealing with politics, working on high visibility projects, handling tough situations, convincing highly skilled and talented people, defending your ideas, etc. This book explains these topics in detail and aims to guide you to manage your career properly. It has very good examples to overcome different types of situations. I highly recommend this book for both engineers in their early stages and experienced ones

- mrc

- Great book from the author. I particularly enjoyed the anecdotes and could relate to multiple tips such as the importance of building a quick prototype, and knowing how subtle things like the approach towards asking for help matters. The book offers a plethora of advice which most engineers (even experienced ones) would probably only learn a subset of, and learning the content would likely help you learn to avoid (or quickly course correct) mistakes. I highly recommend this book!

- Amazon Customer

- You can definitely tell this book was written by an engineer. Chapters are short and to the point with tldr summaries at the end.
1. Useful tips for working at a big engineering company
2. Applicable and practical
3. Completely relatable

One of my favorite chapters was one-on-ones with leadership. I too used to HATE one on ones. I felt so much pressure, but after reading this book, I realized that one-on-ones is for MY benefit and I need to be the one to steer these one-on-ones so that I can get the most out of it.

- Alice C.

- I had to pleasure of reading this book in one sitting. It is full of great insights. Although I'm in early stages of my career there are some chapters talking about the things that I happen to be familiar with, there are some chapters which I anticipate to experience and rest is just enlightening. This is not a "Bootstrap your career and make trillions of $$$ in an hour" kind of book. This is literally a guide book that helps you to navigate on the foggy ways of your career.

- K.T.

- This is a heartfelt and thoughtful book, a "give back" to the programming community by one of us (an immigrant) who has been through a lot and feels compelled to share. Many of us have low emotional intelligence and simply don't figure out how to navigate jobs and organizations on our own. This book discusses many situations and offers different points of view based on hard earned experience. I appreciate that author is not sentimental or self-pitying. He settles no scores, makes no apologies, and resists wading into culture wars - thank you. It's just good advice offered concisely and with good cheer. Thank you, Merih.

- Ant