Author: Merih Taze

  • Tiebreaker – How to reach a consensus

    Tiebreaker – How to reach a consensus

    Have you ever found yourself in arguments where no one wants to give in and you end up keep arguing over simplest things? You’re not alone. Everyone has opinions as well as egos. Everyone likes to be right. When you argue over easily measurable things, it’s easy to come to an agreement. At worst case,…

  • Measuring Your Impact – How to reach half a billion dollars

    Measuring Your Impact – How to reach half a billion dollars

    What is your value to the company you work for? Do you know it at the top of your head? How often do you measure your performance? Only during performance evaluations? Let’s talk about the importance of measuring your impact.

  • Salary Negotiations / Current Market Rate

    Salary Negotiations / Current Market Rate

    My favorite trick to make sure you’re getting the best offer and also to make sure you’re still getting paid at the market rate is to see the current offers other engineers are getting. There are a lot of websites where engineers share the offers they get…

  • Perfectionism – Over Engineering

    Perfectionism – Over Engineering

    Perfectionism is always going to be your biggest enemy. We, as engineers, like to solve tough challenges, and sometimes we find ourselves trying to design the best possible system. If you’ve ever found yourself deep into a really complex design, you’re not alone.

  • Trick – Productivity

    Trick – Productivity

    Want a trick to make your day more productive? Try writing down what you’re hoping to accomplish in the morning before you start working. You’ll be surprised by the difference it makes

  • Visibility

    I’ve received following question on visibility; “I’ve been running a study group. Recently, one of my colleagues who just join the club decided to organize another similar club and he involve the managers as well. I feel like the new club he started has turned into a place where my colleagues will try to seek…